Shifting Gears Bike Company


Shifting Gears has a variety of working prototypes of our innovative custom designs, and more in the pipeline. Check back often for new pictures and videos.

Working Prototypes
  • Double child seat - coming up on its third year in use

  • Mega-rack Cargo Carrier
Surely this can't all fit on a bike??
Cargo Rack
Mega-rack cargo carrier, fully loaded.

  • Bike-Mounted Snow Plow

Below is a piece our local news station did (I have the bigger blade mounted on this one)

Finally some footage from my 1st version snow plow

  • Front mounted snow track breaker

In the Works
  • Mobile Bike Advertising
  • Grounds Maintenance Rig
  • Food Delivery Vehicle
  • Convertible Child/Utility Trailer
  • Bicycle Transport Vehicle